Umelci a Skupiny. Soul For Seven.

Soul For Seven

Soul For Seven

Hudobná skupina

Concert formation focused on style (pop-soul, funk, jazz) which was created in the year 2008 at the initiative of the leader and singer Luda Kuruc, his time soloist Gustav Brom Orchestra, where he spent 13 years as a solo singer and arranger. The band consists of top Slovak musicians who account for the amount of performances in different formations at home and abroad, including the USA, Australia, Asia and almost all European countries.

Cast - Singing - Ludo Kuruc

  • Trumpet - Ondrej Juraši / 1.trumpeta G.Brom Big Band
  • Tenor saxophone - Milo Suchomel / jazz saxophonist
  • Trombone - Gateway Belorid / permanent member of the Slovak Philharmonic
  • Piano - Zdenko Huszárik
  • Bass - Robert Ragan jr.
  • Drums - Christian Kuruc

The band SOUL FOR SEVEN appeared at many jazz festivals, events, social parties, and private parties.