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Inca Cumbia

Inca Cumbia


Inca cumbia plays the music of Latin America. It was formed by Eddie Portella (singer and percussionist of Peruvian origin. The band includes members from Latin America and Slovakia.

  • Eddy Portella - Lead vocal, Percussion
  • Pavol Bereza - Guitar
  • Ruben Sánchez - Bass
  • Erik Dimitrov – Keyboard
  • Luboš Ežo Ambrozai - Drums

As the the band name suggests, they focus on “Cumbia“ style, which is a fusion of Spanish, Indian and African culture. The Band also plays different dance styles like salsa, bachata, chacha, guajira, boogaloo, reggae and flamenco.

Captivating rhythms of Cumbia won’t leave their listeners standing still. You can dance cumbia, salsa, polka, or whatever dance you feel like.

You may recognize the word Inca from “The Inca Empire“, which was once spread in most of the Latin-American countries.